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  • I’ll try to certify WHQL for Window7 x86 and x64.
    So I test my USB driver and device using the latest HCK tool(2.1).
    The device just communicates with a Application program by USB Bulk Type communication.
    While reading the USB Device.Connectivity Testing Prerequisites, I have some questions.
    1.     See below.
    Hardware requirements part.
    - An EHCI–compliant controller and an xHCI version 1.0
    compliant controller, or an xHCI-compliant controller and a high speed hub. The
    controllers can be either embedded or included on an adapter that is attached or
    installed in the test computer.

    Are both An EHCI and xHCI attached in the Client computer(Test PC) mandatory? If only EHCI is attached

    in the Client computer, what should I do?

    Do I buy a new computer attached xHCI controller in mainboard? If not, is the test able to use EHCI?
    2.     How do I set a legacy test mode option using one device only?
    The usb device(which I’ll try to certify) do not support serial numbers.
    See below. Hardware requirements part.
    - Two identical USB test devices. (Note that if the
    device does not support serial numbers,a legacy test mode option supports using
    one device only.)
    3.     See below.
    Test computer configuration part.
    - Attach one of the USB devices to the test computer through an xHCI controller (it can either be attached directly to the root hub port or through a SuperSpeed hub.)
    - Attach the other USB device to the EHCI port or to a high speed hub that is connected to the XHCI port.
    If I test only one device, which port I use? xHCI ? EHCI? (xHCI is not attached in the client PC)
    Saturday, May 10, 2014 11:32 AM

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  • Hi Titeng,

    1. If you don't test your device on Windows 8 or later, you don't need to use xHCI controller. You can use your PC with EHCI controller. The prerequisites describes their requirements on all of OSs.

    2. If you choose legacy mode of USB Serial Numbers and you have only one devie to test, you need to set different number in dialog box which your device has.

    3. You may mention about USB Topology Compatibility Test. If you have only one device to test, you cannot set modern mode of the test.  Choose legacy mode and follow the site below in detail.


    Friday, May 16, 2014 8:46 AM