entire database ( incl. relations ) in a DataSet RRS feed

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    I am busy creating a master/detail grid view. The master detail view has to be dynamic in every way. So the members in the view will be chosen by the user. The first choice will bind a datasource to the "master", the second to the "child" and the thirth to the "grand child".


    Using the HierarGrid ( by Denis Bauer ) i've created a template that only needs the datasources to create such a grid.


    I've managed to create a DataSet with a schema of the entire database, but without the data itself.


    Is there a way to fill that DataSet with the data thats belongs to it?


    This might be a bit of a newbee question, this is probebly because i am a newbee.


    Thanks a lot

    Monday, June 18, 2007 1:11 PM