self locked by one end-user operation


  • Hi

    I'm using SQL SERVER 2008 along with EJB.

    2 transactions created by EJB container while end user start one operation on the browser, 

    The sequence is like follwoing:


        1st EJB  Transaction starts       


        insert into tablex(id, id2, comment) values(1, 1, 'xxxx');


       2nd EJB Transaction starts  

       update tablex set comment='yyyy' where id2 = 1;   ----stop executing

       2nd EJB Transaction ends


       1st EJB Transaction ends


    1)tablx have about 800 rows, and 2 indexes, one is pk for column 'id', one is unique for column 'id2'

    2)by check the management studio, 2nd transaction is wait for the 'key' type index resource(the unique index for column 'id2') which is held by 1st transaction

    3)2 transactions are created in 2 sessions, and isolation level set to 'read-committed'

    my question is:

    why 1st transaction lock the index, and 2nd transaction not isolated, in Oracle, the 2nd transaction would execute successfully with no rows affected

    Thursday, October 17, 2013 9:59 AM


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