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  • hi all

    I have a strange problem with my computer, I have a driver which I install and start it via user mode app which is the same NONPNP provided by msdn .

    it have been working for more than month but recently I ca not start the driver I get error (2) when call StartService() and this not happen always some times after reboot or shutdown the computer the driver work for one or two time but after that I get the same problem even if I do not change any thing in the code , I think this is windows problem but what the solution .

    I get some strange things also in my laptop maybe this one if them , like when restart the computer suspend ,when I want to connect to Internet via USB (3G Modem) I can not and some times I can not Hibernate or shutdown the PC !!

    I think there is a problem make all of these strange behavior , but the important for me is my driver work , any suggestion ??

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012 3:47 PM


  • connect a debugger and step through your code. perhaps your DriverEntry is failing. perhaps your driver is failing to load because it failed to unload previously. while all of these problems could be connected to each other, they are probably not.  The inability to hibernate or shutdown means a pnp driver is not responding promptly to power requests.  that has nothing to do with a 3g modem being able to connect to the internet

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    Tuesday, September 11, 2012 4:53 PM