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  • Hello Community,

    I wrote a programm which calculates distribution statistics etc. for every month. The programm is compiled unter NET 4.5 with msbuild.exe 4.6.1590.0. When programm runs under 4.6.1590.0, the memory ussage is constant up to 40 MB. When programm runs under 4.7.3062.0 the memory ussage "explodes" straight and it is growing and growing until process terminates beacuse of not getting Handles anymore.

    With the Profiling-Tools from Redgate I discovered that my Programm (running under 4.7.3062.0) needs ca. 4-6 MB for the managed Memory and the Rest (which grows "uo to the roof") unmanaged Memory.

    Of course I conect to Database (Ms-SQL-Server)... with ODBC. (It must be ODBC, because the Datalayer is used in different Projects, also.)

    Versions of basic Development-Environment:

    msbuild.exe         4.6.1590.0
    System.data.dll        4.6.1648.0
    SQLNCLI11.dll        2011.110.6518.00

    Versions of "up to the roof"-Environment:

    msbuild.exe            4.7.3062.0
    System.data.dll        4.7.3163.0
    SQLNCLI11.dll        2011.110.7001.00

    I would be very glad, if a Memeber of Microsoft-Support-Team could take a closer look at my Problem. May be there is a bug in the GC?!


    Tuesday, November 20, 2018 3:33 PM

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