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  • Hey guys!

    Following problem:

    I worked a lot with Blend doin some WPF Apps to try everything out what Blend has got.

    Creating an App is really easy and super comfortable but what the hell is about Silverlight(2)

    I can`t even set property Actions on a Rectangle what is possible on really bad programs like Mediator from Matchware and no I don`t want to make some advertising. I`m just wondering how Silverlight can really be compared with Flash-Based Webpages, when I need a second person to even start an animation on my webpage because Silverlight doesn`t have any Propertyevents or Events of "If Window is loaded then..."

    Please help me out because I really want to work with Silverlight but learning C# or VB just for starting the animation and setting values/actions oder whatever to my items I created is a really huge expectation for a designer who isn`t be able to ask the guy behind him to write the code for a page he is creating.

    I`m really sorry but at the moment I can`t understand why I should prefer Silverlight to Flash when we talk about a homepage. Again... Blend is great for doin apps so I don`t want to blame this program completely.

    Best regards!

    Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:41 PM

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