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  • I have a list which has about 9,000 items. Throttling has been disabled for only that list. Indexing has been applied for a few columns.
    There is a custom jsom functionality in a CEWP which will display the items in the list mentioned above through pagination in  a datagrid format where each page has 100 items.
    There is a checkbox next to each item. When user selects all 100 items and clicks on a button called Update, it will update the status column of all items to a predefined value in the jsom code asynchronously through rest api call.

    There is also a workflow which runs for item changed event. The workflow makes a rest api call to get the ListItemEntityTypeFullName.
    When I select all 100 items and click the Update button, I notice that the resonse code for the rest api call in the workflow for some items are Ok and for some it is 0.
    I am logging the value of ListItemEntityTypeFullName in the history list. Only when the response code is Ok, it logs the value in the history list.

    I'm not sure of what is the maximum number of rest api calls that can be called simultaneously but however if the Status all 100 items are getting updated in rest api call in JSOM code then I don't think it should create a problem if 100 instances of workflow runs -each of which makes the rest api call simultaneously.
    Could someone tell me what is response code 0 and what is happening here? How do I get this working as all the 100 or so workflow instances would run simultaneously.
    In the actual environment, there could be multiple people doing this , so probably about 1000 instances of workflow could start simultaneously.

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  • Hi sanjuv,

    “Testing has confirmed that a SharePoint web server can effectively process up to 60 rest calls per second from SharePoint workflow. If this level of volume will be exceeded, we recommend that an additional load-balanced web server be added to the SharePoint farm. In testing, 120 rest calls per second against a single web server resulted in sustained 90-100% CPU utilization. Adding a second web server reduced CPU utilization to 30-40% on both servers. Adding a third web server enabled processing of 180 calls per second, with 30-40% CPU utilization on all three servers, and so on. The servers used for this test were Hyper-V virtual machines with 16 core processor and 24 GBs RAM each.”:

    Though this data comes from a testing environment which is less complex than a production environment, when designing your farm, you can take it as a reference if you have the need to send mass rest calls from SharePoint workflow in a short period.

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