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  • Hi there,

    I encountered a strange behaviour multiple times in the past now. I'm creating a GalleryApp which retrienves FileInformation with GetVirtualizedFilesVector() and appropiate Settings. Then the bound Thumbnails are converted with a StoreagetemThumbnail Converter to the Image source.

    Everthing is working fine so far. Also the Thumbnails are displaying fine if the files where just added. A Folder hast to be picked first from the user.

    But after some (random?) time most of the Thumbnails won't Display anymore. The files are in the same Location, the Folders accessrights are still there. Oddly enough some files do Display there thumbs but within in the same Folder they're gone. They are just blank.

    To prove that there's maybe some filesystem Caching mystery going on:
    If I reselect the Folder through the Windows-Folderpicker and the Images/Thumbnails are displaying within that Folderpicker and I go back to my Gridview with the Thumbnailimages they're suddenly displayed again. Even if I Close the App in the Moment the Folderpicker is getting the Contents.

    So there must be some Caching going on which is loosing it's Contents?
    I also could reproduce that behaviour with other Apps from the store.

    Additionally I have the "feelling" that Thumbnails from SSDs are lost earlier thant that from slow HDDs?

    Has somebody else experienced that behaviour?

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  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    Can you post a mini repro project or tell me the apps on store that can reproduce this issue? I will check to see if this is a known issue and come back to you if i can get something useful.

    Thank you for understanding.


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  • -- edit ---
    Ah sorry, I'm the same Person btw. Private and corporate account that is ;)

    Hi there Anne,

    ok I put together a mini-Repro. I stripped down my whole Project to the very bits, leaving the part needed to reprodurce this behaviour. I would love to send you a download link as pm, but can't figure out how ;) I would not like to post it here, because it is part of a commercial product.

    Apps to reproduce
    GalleryHD and "Photo Fast Viewer" - but they seem to do something different, as I have a lot of missing thumbs in their apps also at initial state, not just over time.

    Also you can check the great Project from Mike Taulty over here: http://mtaulty.com/CommunityServer/blogs/mike_taultys_blog/archive/2013/01/25/windows-8-making-a-simple-photo-viewer-in-c-and-xaml.aspx - download link for short: http://mtaulty.com/downloads/W8Pictures.zip

    What is to reproduce?
    Well, in both apps above as mentioned, there a lot of missing thumbs. Not just over time, also at initial state. But the latter would be another Problem. But Mike Taulty's app also had missing thumbs for me.

    Usual suspects
    As I tried to reproduce that behaviour I installed my app also on several machines. 5 PCs so far, two Surface tablets following. I noticed that on some of those machines I had "sage thumbs" installed. A tool that can Show thumbnails of different filetypes in the Windows Explorer. Also "Sony Raw Driver" is installed on one of those machines.

    I deinstalled sage thumbs on one machine to narrow down the possibility of the circumstance that that tool could affect the thumbnail Caching - or retrieving - or whatever. But I hardly believe that's the case. Just to be sure anyway. It will tell over time.

    Network Share Example:
    The whole thumbnail retrieving from many Folders is somewhat erratic.
    To have the same common base of testground I Setup Picture Folders on a Network share on a synology nas which is connected as Network drives on all my testing machines (make that seven including the tablets). I installed my app and also my testcase Scenario on all of them.

    Interesting enough alone is the fact that on some machines the thumbs from the very same network-Folder with a lot of pics are displayed fine, while on the next some are missing right after the initial "Import".

    I really do hope that I made some serious mistake and it's all on me. Even to make myself Feeling embarresed if that would be the case ;)

    The last way out for me would be either to convert the original source to scaled down Bitmaps or to do Manual thumbnailcaching in the localstate Folder - which I would tend to avoid.

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  • No further answer?

    I spent a whole Weekend to Strip down my Project to a test case. I would love to send someone the file over at ms. Also I'd be happy to post the solution here if found. But I can't post just some code here, because you have to install the Project, Setup some Image Folders and observe/test over time (days?).

    Friday, February 20, 2015 12:04 PM