Remove Delete Item From Sharepoint Task ECB menu RRS feed

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  • Hi Team,

    I want to remove one "Delete Item" MenuItem from the Task ECB menu. or in other sense i can say that i want to give that visibility based on Roles. But that i know how to get the roles for the current user.

    But for to remove the item from ECB i don't know. I try to find through google but i found the articles like
    1) How to add in ECB (which i don't want for a now)
    2) Remove using CustomCore.Js (which i again don't want because that will be for entire site)
    3) Some complecated code of javascript which i really not understood
    but One link i found

    AddSendSubMenu = function (m,ctx) {}

    function resetAddSendSubMenu(){
    AddSendSubMenu = function (m,ctx) {};

    now here the writer gave the reference of AddSendSubMenu. but i want to remove Delete Item.
    So, What and how to do that

    Again If this code is correct, then can anyone give me the link from where i can get all such name like 
    AddSendSubMenu ? so, i can get reference of that and remove other items as well.


    Thanks & Regards, Brijesh Shah
    Thursday, July 14, 2011 1:04 PM