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  • This morning, I upgrade my Live Space to a Wordpress after reading your recommendation e-mail who sad "Live Space will be closed, move, upgrade your account here...".

    But now my space, sorrrrry my new upgrading account (http://tubaevren2002.wordpress.com/) is empty!


    I want back to my space, because with wordpress I loose my everything and I'm angry because of I don't know that before.

    I saw recommedations but before doing that, I can't see unhappy persons forum. :(

    I saw "you can download your space account to your computer" information but when I read "Upgrade, move..."  I'm not saved before moving, because I think everything, absolutelly will came directly to my new place, it's not? I estimate "upgrade" have to better than older and when I see new empty page,  I'm disappointed!  :(

    Now, because of I'm not download my Live Space before "Upgrading my account", I loose all my links and I want to take back! And I see other persons too, who move to here is not happy like me.

    Why you do this unuseful change or why we can't take our things back? Are you have a any good reason?

    Now, I read many persons in a couple days, who wrote same thing like me, it's mean this persons too not like to new Wordpress area instade of Live Space.

    One of this unhappy persons, open this link what I signed:   http://www.petitiononline.com/WPLiveID/petition.html

    You aren't move all my things to Wordpress from my Space, why?

    When you sad "transfer, move" have to be "with everything" but IT'S NOT! :(

    Normally, I keep my hotmail address because of my good space. If my space is lost, now I haven't any reason to keep this hotmail account. I want to wait some time for your answer and I will close my hotmail account.

    And in Facebook, I already announced correctly to all my friends, about this new bad change, for helping, adverting my friends who use Live Space.

    Now, what is your reasonable answer for my lost things! I loose all my useful links!


    Sunday, October 3, 2010 8:28 AM