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  • Hi there.

    I used to use IE6 all this time and upgraded to IE7 less than a few months ago. Now, only MSDN library is completely unusable. The problem is exactly as described in this topic: There's also a link to a screenshot there (

    It's not about scrollbars just not being drawn. Every single page in MSDN library just can't be scrolled down, so any content below screen border can't be seen. Mouse, arrow keys, PgUp/PgDn, spacebar key all don't work. If I set the scale to, say, 75%, I can see more text in smaller font, but again, no scrollbars and no way to see what is still below the edge.

    I tried to do what was suggested in that topic and it didn't work. I hadn't changed user-agent strings in my IE7. I also don't have the registry keys that guy suggested to delete so that solution is obviously not for me.

    The problem is quite consistent and stable. First I noticed it on my home computer as soon as I upgraded to IE7. Then on my laptop, as soon as I upgraded. And then I also installed IE7 on a virtual machine with a clean installation of XP SP3, and same thing again.

    I also tried different providers in different countries (me and my laptop travel a lot). No difference at all.

    At the moment, I've got quite a few PCs with IE6 available, and every single one would display MSDN library just fine. They all also have Firefox installed, and again, it's absolutely fine with Firefox. So that problem only applies to IE7.

    It's really annoying, I have to keep IE6 on a virtual machine and start it up every time I need to look up something online.

    Hope all that made sence and would lead to something positive!

    Oh, here's another one:
    Didn't come up when I searched for this topic.
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