Which Script can i use to support's All devides in PhoneGap1.9.0?


  • Dear Team,
     I am developing an Application in PhoneGap1.9.0.
    i am using phonegap1.9.0 HTML and Javascript only. but not C# code 
    Now I am facing below issues please help to me. 
    for that which script can i use that supports all devices OS like Blackberry ,iphone,Nokia and Windows Phone so..on.
    1)how can i connect with database (like windowsazure or sqlserver......but i didn't prefer SQlite(Local Database)).
    2)is  there any way to access  database(remote server) fields into my application with out WCF service? 
     if Yes how can i do?.
     if No how can i consume Wcf service in my application with javaScript only? is there any possible like this?
    3)My aim is Only one, whatever i preferred that should support all Devices OS.
    Please Help to me How can i develop a Phonegap Application that Must Support All Devices OS.  
    Note 1: previous i did in windowsphone 7 but it supported only windowsPhones.
               So that I  Looked at Phonegap.

    Note2:i tried calling a wcf service using javascript  into phonegap app, but it didn,t supported for  windowsphone.

    Now major problem as  Which Script Can i select for supporting  all devices os?.

    Any body suggestions would be appreciated. 
    Thanks in Advance.


    Friday, July 20, 2012 5:56 AM


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