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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if it is possible (and so how) to use the "timestamp by" field as a reference for the placeholders in the path of a Blob output.

    Here is my situation. Assuming we have :

    • an Event Hub as an input to an ASA : eventhubIn
    • a blob container as an ouput with path set to logs/{date}/{time} (date= YYYY/MM/DD ; time = HH } : blobcontainerOut

    I want to make some "recovery" functionality. I'm using ASA as an aggregator for pages view. If, for any reason, my event hub injestion process break down, I want to be able to recover data thanks to IIS logs simply by sending events to my Event Hub.

    I already wrote the log parser and so on. Because I can't use the same ASA as the running environment (otherwise my "recover" data will be identified as "late events"), I created a new Event Hub and a new ASA with the same query (and to simply avoir duplicated processed data)

    When I run the process, everything works well except that my blob container uses the EventProcessedUtcTime to generate the path. Is there any way to say to ASA "hey I want you to use that field to generate {date} and that one for {time}" (or that fields as a Date reference)?

    Here is the query used:

    SELECT * INTO blobstorageOut FROM eventhubInAS chh TIMESTAMP BY Payload.Date;

    -- Some more stuff out of interest here

    And here are some events sample:


    Whenever I run the ASA, I would like to have so the following directories (regarding this sample):

    • 2016/01/01/09
    • 2016/01/02/08
    • 2016/01/02/09
    • 2016/01/03/07

    How can I achieve that from ASA?

    Many thanks,

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  • Hi again,

    OK, I think I found how to resolve my situation. I just increased the Late arrival tolerance window option to something "important enough" so my ASA uses my Payload.Date and it works just fine.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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