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  • Good Day All,

        I hope to konw how to verify the action when I pressed, I have tried to judge if the variable PressExtent of UserPointers is bigger than a value, like 1.0f. But I find that every time I PUSH my hand, the PressExtent will bigger than 1.0f sometimes, So it's not a solution.

       After that, I try judge the difference between the adjacent value of PressExtent that whether it's bigger than 1.0f. That try make the result to judge if PUSH is happen sometime will fail, So its not a good method.

      I am confused whether the userInfos.state's enum NUI_HANDPOINTER_STATE member NUI_HANDPOINTER_STATE_PRESSED would help me, I have tried if( state == NUI_HANDPOINTER_STATE_PRESSED | NUI_HANDPOINTER_STATE_TRACKED), but that also fail.

      What did I miss?

       Sincerely look forward to your answers!


    Saturday, March 30, 2013 3:52 PM

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