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  • Hello All,
     I have recently migrated our Build Environment to a new machine and installed VS.NET 2005 Beta 2. We use a 3rd party tool to automate our builds. The tool uses MSBUILD.exe to perform the actual build of the solutions. We have developed a solution using 2005 Beta 2, and are attempting to build it using the MSBUILD.exe command line utility.
     I keep receiving the following error message when attempting to build the solution using MSBUILD.EXE
     "'Error reading project file (relative path held in .sln file to my .vdproj file)': Could not find part of the path (INCORRECT full path to the .vdproj file)"

    The problem is that incorrect full path to the .vdproj file. For some reason MSBUILD is appending the directory path of the exectable as the root for the relative path held in the solution file (and not using the correct path to the .sln file). Therefore when it goes to load the project using the relative path, it evaluates to executable path\relative path. 

    This problem is persisted in using the 3rd party build tool as I get an error that the project could not be loaded from Location of the build file\relative path held in .sln file .

    Is this a known bug? The 3rd party software people say yes:

    Is there a hotfix that I can install on my build server to enable the use of command line building using MSBUILD?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



    Wednesday, May 25, 2005 8:38 PM


  • In beta2, devenv.exe has known bug that prevents it from building from the command line if your solution is under source code control.  This issue has been addressed, and you should expect it to work in RTM.

    MSBuild.exe does not yet support building setup projects - which is why your 3rd party tool relies on devenv.exe as the thread you linked indicates.

    You will be able to use devenv.exe from the command line if the solution is "unbound" from source control - I am not sure whether you have that flexibility to control that since you have a 3rd party tool building for you.

    Again, remain assured that devenv.exe will be able to build from the command-line in the final bits.

    Faisal Mohamood
    MSBuild Team

    Thursday, May 26, 2005 12:09 AM