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  • It is a question about the uninstallation of the printer driver in Windows8.

    I make the uninstaller of the printer driver using each API of DeletePrinter() and DeletePrinterDriver().
    With this uninstaller, I try the uninstallation of the printer driver (Version3) which I installed in PnP on Windows8.
    Each API of DeletePrinter() and DeletePrinterDriver() finishes normalcy then, and the printer driver can uninstall, too, but the icon of the printer stays in the folder of a "Device and Printers".
    I think that I deleted the icon of this printer.
    In Windows8, will it be necessary to call API deleting a device other than DeletePrinter() and DeletePrinterDriver()?
    In addition, when I appointed a port and installed it, there cannot be the thing that the icon of the printer is left.


    Thursday, June 28, 2012 12:18 PM


  • Hi kanno,

    When there is a job in the print queue or port is being used, or print spooler is using the print queue, DeletePrinter may not delete the PQ immediately.

    Sometimes, UI may not be updated immediately, if you stop and start the spooler service (net stop spooler, net start spooler in cmd line), you can see whether it is deleted or not.

    Also you should check the return value of DeletePrinter API.

    I hope this help.


    Friday, July 27, 2018 5:36 PM