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  • Hi,

    We need to publish the orchestration and schemas as wcf service with netTCP binding on Windows 2003 server. As windows has II6 and doesnot support netTcp. We planned host it on in-process host itself. We have done following steps

    a. Created a receive location with WCF-Custom adapter and chosen the netTcpBinding
    b. Gave a URL as net.tcp://localhost:80/Summa/Summa.svc
    c. Added ServiceMetaData in ServiceBehavior and enbled the HttpGetEnabled as true
    d .Security was chosen as Transport with Windows
    e. Bounded this receive location to my orchestration.
    f. In the WCF publishing wizard chosen the 2nd option MetaData only endpoint(MEX) and chosen the same receive location and chosen my orchestration then completed the wizard with default values. That created a vistual directory in IIS with a .svc file.
    g. Created a client with the url from IIS (meta data endpoint). The url is "http://server/TextWCFCustom/TextWCFCustom_TestWCFCustom_Port_1.svc?wsdl"
    h. The app.config file looks as
    <endpoint address="net.tcp://server:80/Summa/Summa.svc"
                    binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="NetTcpBinding_ITwoWayAsync"
                    name="NetTcpBinding_ITwoWayAsync" />
    h. Created input objects and passed to the method.

    Getting the following error
    "You have tried to create a channel to a service that does not support .Net Framing. It is possible that you are encountering an HTTP endpoint."

    Inner exception is
    Expected record type 'PreambleAck', found '72'.

    Please suggest if anything wrong in the steps and how to fix the issue.

    Thursday, November 5, 2009 1:34 PM


  • I think the problem occurred in steps b and h. The URI for a netTCP port does not have .svc on the end of it. Here is the MSDN example of using the WCF-netTcp adapter: I bet the virtual directory's config file has an http WCF endpoint exposed. Is step h your client's app.config?

    I would try redoing things using a URI that does not refer to .svc. Also, you used port 80 (the typical HTTP port). This might have also been confusing for BizTalk so I would just leave the port stuff off of the URI.


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    Friday, November 6, 2009 4:19 AM

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