Change the "Article Page" location away from "Pages"


  • Hi

    I am "playing around" with Sharepoint to get to know it better. Now I am investegating the Publishing capeabilities. I have just created a "Publshing site".

    Now i want to create another "News Article" container and therefore I have created a new Document Library which is based on the "Article Page" Content Type.

    But when I try to create a new Article page in the Library the page is placed in the "Pages" Doucment Library anyway.

    A) Resaon: Why is this? Is the destantion location attached to the Content Type or the standard aspx page that creates the article?

    B) How: How do i change this behaviour so that i can split my news articles into several Document Liberary in the same sub-site?

    Thanks in regards
    Saturday, December 29, 2007 8:21 PM