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    This document introduces how to prepare the Win8 Style App and to use the Windows App Certification Kit to test it; then introduces how to review the testing report and the App Certification Kit other usages.

    Prerequisites for the Win8 Style App Certification Testing

    l  You must install the latest Windows 8 OS.

    l  You must install the Windows App Certification Kit (WACK), which is one part of Windows Software Development Kit (SDK), installed with the Visual Studio 2012 in default.

    l  You must have a valid developer license for your computer. How to get this developer license, please reference to Get a free developer license.

    l  You must have developed your Win8 style App, and have deployed it in your computer.

    How to package the app and deploy it in the computer?

    This section introduces how to prepare your app, and package it for testing. We will introduce one simple way to create the app package via Visual Studio. And suppose we will do the testing locally. For more about prepare App for Windows Store, please reference to Preparing your app for the Windows Store

    1.  You should build the App in Release mode for preparing the App Certification Kit testing; otherwise, it cannot pass the Debug configuration test.

    2. In the Visual Studio, use the Menu Project > Store > Create App Package to open the “Create App Packages” wizard dialog. You also could open it via right click on the current solution in the solution pane.

    3. In the Create App Packages dialog, select “No” to build a package for local machine. Click Next.

     4. Then you could verify the package settings and modify them, such as the version number, the platform and the output location. Please note, check the solution configuration again for Release mode.

    5. Click “Create” button, then VS will start to build and create the package, if there is no error, you will see the successful dialog which shows the package location.

    6. In Windows Explorer, you could open the output folder and find the app package. Then right-click the .ps1 file and select “Run with PowerShell” to start deploy it in the local machine.

    Or you could click the “Launch Windows App Certification Kit” directly start to do the validation, then the App Certification tool will be launched and start test the app, it will help to deploy the app locally.

    7. With all done, you could press the “Win” key to Start Page, and find one Tile linked to your application. Means your application has been deployed and you could click this Tile to start your application. 

    Above is one short way to build the App package by VS for App Certification Kit Testing, of course, for more details about this operation, you could view the MSDN document about Packaging your app using Visual Studio; and for other packaging solutions, you could find here:

    How to start test your app by App Certification Kit?

    You could find the App Certification Kit link in the Start Page if you have installed the Visual Studio 2012, or you could run appcertui.exe in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\App Certification Kit” (This is the default installed directory).

    1. This tool will request to run as Administrator, please click “Yes” in the User Account Control prompt.

    2. After open the tool, please elect Validate a Win8 style App.

    3. The App Certification Kit tool will collect the system information for some time.

    4. Then you could select the deployed app in the list, please note the app name, app version the publisher.

    5. Click “Next” button to start the testing, and tool will launch your app several times, please do not interact with the app.

    6. After testing, tool will collect the testing data and prompt to save the report file (in XML format). Then you will see the result dialog.

    7. We could view this XML by browser.

    Of course, above is not the only way to test the app. As mentioned in the previous section, you could click the “Launch Windows App Certification Kit” directly to do the testing. And other solutions to test the application by App Certification Kit, you could find here:

    You could find other solutions in below document: How to test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit

    What are the requirements for passing the testing?

    The testing for Win8 Style App contains 8 parts:

    1.        App manifest policy test
    2.        App manifest resources test
    3.        Crashes & hangs test
    4.        Debug configuration test
    5.        File encoding test
    6.        Performance test
    7.        Supported Win8 style API test
    8.        Windows security features test

    For each testing part, you could view the test details and the corrective actions in these links.

    Overall, Win8 Style App must meet all requirements described in below document: Win8 app certification requirements

    How to check the Test Results?

    The test result is one XML format file which will prompt to save at the end of the testing. You could open it in IE browser, and the browser can show it formatted.

    You will see all test items result, for Failed and Warning item, the result will show the Error found and How to fix description in details. Then developer should follow the description to change the application code and configurations.

    If I use the third party libraries in my App, how to ensure that can pass the testing?

    The third party libraries provider should ensure the libraries can pass the App Certification Kit testing. Especially, please contact the third party to confirm the libraries do not use the not allowed APIs, and confirm they do not publish the Debug mode libraries.

    What other resources we can find about using Windows App Certification Kit?

    Yes, Microsoft provides the Using the Windows App Certification Kit white pager, you could download here. And the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Compatibility Cookbook also contains the information for using this tool.

    Can we use App Certification Kit to test other type applications?

    WACK supports test Win8 Style App, Desktop App and Desktop Device App. It will replace the Windows 7 Client Software Logo Toolkit (WSLK) to test desktop app for Windows Logo Program. Also it can be used to test the Windows 7 Desktop Application for the Windows 7 Logo Program.

    There are other type applications certification requirements below:


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  • Be sure to uninstall your "debugging" or Store installed version of the app from the system 1st before you deploy the packaged version to test on it (Step 6). And vice versa.
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