Find unique records between two tables and append to one of the tables RRS feed

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  • Hi There,

    I'm very new to access (2 weeks) although I have a reasonable understanding of vba etc from using excel pretty well.

    what I'm trying to do at present is suck in a csv file into a temp table tblData it already has fields of Date, Amount and Memo

    I then want to run  query to check against 3 bits of set data

    Date, Amount, Memo within another table called tblTransactions

    This is a permanent table and is holding bank transactions.

    the records that are left, which should basically be unique records,  I want to append to the TblTransactions, as these will be seen as new transactions.

    Below is as far as I have got so far

    SELECT tblData.[Date], tblData.Amount, tblData.Subcategory, tblData.[Memo] FROM tblData WHERE NOT EXISTS

        (SELECT      FROM tblTransactions      WHERE tblTransactions.[Date] = tblData.[Date]      AND tblTransactions.Amount = tblData.Amount      AND tblTransactions.[Memo] = tblData.[Memo]);



    if I could I would really like to clear out TblData once the info has been appended

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Saturday, March 11, 2017 11:35 AM

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