Erratic behaviour of Report designer when using ObjectDatasource RRS feed

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    I have a problem designing a local report using VS 2005 designer in a Web application.


    I have some data classe in App_Code folder whose namespace is "Seguros.Colectivos". One of the classes is called "Resumen".


    I placed a ReportViewer control and an ObjectDatasource in a Web Form. When I configured the ObjectDatasource, the class and the method that retrieves the data is listed correctly. After that, I assigned that data source to the ReportViewer control.


    Well... when I designed the RDLC file (before installing VS 2005 Service Pack 1) all my data objects were listed in the Datasource window. After the report was designed, sometimes, datasources disappeared from the datasource window and after a lot of tries, datasources appeared again, but.... I have installed SP1 and now, it's not possible to get datasource list again, and I need to make modifications to the report !!!!! Datasource window says that the project does not contain any datasource and allows me to add a new datasource, but the XSD editor appears.


    Any workarounds to solve this strange behaviour? If I build and run the application, it runs perfectly.


    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 12:31 AM