linking a RDLC subreport to the main RDLC report RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am writing a Windows Form application in VB with VS 2012. I need to create a RDLC report that has a subreport. The main report, rptNames, is based on a dataset that has two tables in it: tblNames and tblInfo. tblNames has two fields: ID (primary key) and Name. tblInfo has 5 fields: ID (primary key), Address, Phone, PersonID, and Male. PersonID contains the ID of the person from tblNames

    The main report has a table that displays the ID and Name fields in the tblNames table. The subreport, rptNumbers, has a table that is supposed to show the PersonID and Phone for the corresponding data in tblNames.

    In rptNumbers, I made a parameter, Ralph, went into the Properties for the table, and made a filter. In the Expression box, I put [PersonID], = for the operator, and [@Ralph] in the Value box.

    In rptNames, I inserted a subreport and pointed it to rptNumbers. In the Parameters section, I put Ralph in the name box, and =First(Fields!ID.Value, "DataSet1") in the Value box.

    When I run the application, I get an error for the subreport (see image)

    Where are the log files? What am I doing wrong?


    Thursday, February 20, 2014 3:46 AM