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  • Hi, I'm one of Proteo ( an italian startup which operates in production of custom made medical devices for orthopedics with 3d printing system (orthesis, brace) . 

    At the moment we're using Kinect V1 for our 3D scans. We are really happy about the results because Kinect is perfect to give to worker not trained in digital solutions. Kinect is a small device, permit to realize scanning in less than 1 minute and it's not too accurate "to see" undesiderable part (like hair, for example) but it's sufficient precise for the needings in orthopedics field; it's not a news to say that is the cheapest solution!  

    We had acquired Kinect V2 on july, believing we'll have obtained the best solution for our business,but for the moment,  from this hardware, it's not possible to realize acceptable good anatomic model. Which can be future projections? Do you think that could be realized an improvement on Kinect fusion and the algorithmic integration of cloud points (How many time is necessary?) or it's not a strategical target for Microsoft? 

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    Federico Papi.
    Sunday, December 21, 2014 1:28 PM