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  • Hello,

    We plan to create a special type of backup application for Windows 8, and I have a few questions about the API, which are not currently documented.

    1) Does the WinRT API support long paths (~32767 characters).  Traditionally, long paths could be created by prefixing the path with \\?\ or another special prefix.  Since our application will backup/restore earlier versions of Windows, it is important that we can access potentially long, long paths.  At this time, we must use low-level Win32 functions in order to process long paths.  It would be nice to simply use the new objects in WinRT.

    2) Have any of the rules about the length or format of filenames and paths changed in WinRT?

    3) Are file streams still available in WinRT?

    4) Will hard links, junction points, reparse points be available in WinRT?

    I would appreciate learning more about these items or finding preliminary documentation...



    -- Mike

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