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     I am new to CCF 2009 and needed help in figuring out something. We have created a custom web application adapter in which we load a web page in DocumentComplete after getting the desired action in DoAction.In DocumentComplete after loading the web page we press on a "search" button after putting in our data in the search text box of the webpage. How we do this is we load an external web application web page in a HTMLDocument and then we search for the "search" button by using btnX = (HTMLInputElement)HTMLDocument.all.item("search",0) after that we say The DocumentComplete method finishes and we get the new link as a result of the This would result in another DocumentComplete event to be triggered. So in DocumentComplete method we log the time at which we get the response page and the actual result page is displayed.

    My issue is that the very first time an action is triggered and DocumentComplete method is called. which results in the search button being clicked. But its taking a lot of time to get the result page back. The first DocumentComplete method in which is done is processed within 1 sec and the response takes more than 50 sec to return so that the second DocumentComplete method is processed after 50 sec. This definitely wont do for the project. If after this instance we again trigger the same action then search button is clicked and result page is displayed within 2 seconds.Can someone throw some light on this as to why the onDocumentComplete event is taking so much time to trigger the first time only.

    I have tested the external web application separately outside this CCF and it is giving the result within 2 second even if it is the first time or the last time we click on search.

    I am using the CCF 2009 version and all other adapters for the project are working fine.

    Please help me in resolving this issue...




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