How I can clone one slide to new presentation ? RRS feed

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  • I prepared code :

    using (PresentationDocument presentationDocument = PresentationDocument.Open(OriginalPresentationFile, true)) { PresentationPart sourcePresPart = presentationDocument.PresentationPart; _slidesNumber = sourcePresPart.SlideParts.Count(); int j = 1;

    foreach (SlideId slideId in sourcePresPart.Presentation.SlideIdList) { int k = j - 1;

    PresentationDocument destinationPresentationDoc = PresentationDocument.Create(SlideNames[k], PresentationDocumentType.Presentation); PresentationPart destPresPart = destinationPresentationDoc.AddPresentationPart(); destPresPart.Presentation = new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Presentation.Presentation(); if (destPresPart.Presentation.SlideIdList == null) destPresPart.Presentation.SlideIdList = new SlideIdList(); if (destPresPart.Presentation.SlideMasterIdList == null) destPresPart.Presentation.SlideMasterIdList = new SlideMasterIdList(); uint uniqueId = GetMaxSlideMasterId(destPresPart.Presentation.SlideMasterIdList); uint maxSlideId = GetMaxSlideId(destPresPart.Presentation.SlideIdList); SlidePart sp = (SlidePart)sourcePresPart.GetPartById(slideId.RelationshipId); relId = "rId" + j; // Add the slide part to the destination presentation. SlidePart destSlidePart = destPresPart.AddPart<SlidePart>(sp, relId); // The master part was added. Make sure the relationship is in place. SlideMasterPart destMasterPart = destSlidePart.SlideLayoutPart.SlideMasterPart; destPresPart.AddPart(destMasterPart); // Add slide master to slide master list uniqueId++; SlideMasterId newSlideMasterId = new SlideMasterId(); newSlideMasterId.RelationshipId = destPresPart.GetIdOfPart(destMasterPart); newSlideMasterId.Id = uniqueId++; // Add slide to slide list SlideId newSlideId = new SlideId(); newSlideId.RelationshipId = relId; newSlideId.Id = maxSlideId; destPresPart.Presentation.SlideMasterIdList.Append(newSlideMasterId); destPresPart.Presentation.SlideIdList.Append(newSlideId); destPresPart.Presentation.Save(); destinationPresentationDoc.Close(); j++; } // Close current presentation presentationDocument.Close(); // Close stream //stream.Close(); }

    It's work, but always I got broken presentations, and when I open it (one of presentations) on PowerPoint I get confirm for repair.
    Please, help, where I wrong (or maybe you can give me example) ?
    Tuesday, September 12, 2017 4:52 PM

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  • Hi Dimitryus,

    you can try to refer code below to get an idea.

    public static class OpenXmlUtils
        public static IEnumerable<SlidePart> GetSlidePartsInOrder(this PresentationPart presentationPart)
            SlideIdList slideIdList = presentationPart.Presentation.SlideIdList;
            return slideIdList.ChildElements
                .Select(x => presentationPart.GetPartById(x.RelationshipId))
        public static SlidePart CloneSlide(this SlidePart templatePart)
            // find the presentationPart: makes the API more fluent
            var presentationPart = templatePart.GetParentParts()
            // clone slide contents
            Slide currentSlide = (Slide)templatePart.Slide.CloneNode(true);
            var slidePartClone = presentationPart.AddNewPart<SlidePart>();
            // copy layout part
            return slidePartClone;
        public static void AppendSlide(this PresentationPart presentationPart, SlidePart newSlidePart)
            SlideIdList slideIdList = presentationPart.Presentation.SlideIdList;
            // find the highest id
            uint maxSlideId = slideIdList.ChildElements
                .Max(x => x.Id.Value);
            // Insert the new slide into the slide list after the previous slide.
            var id = maxSlideId + 1;
            SlideId newSlideId = new SlideId();
            newSlideId.Id = id;
            newSlideId.RelationshipId = presentationPart.GetIdOfPart(newSlidePart);

    var presentationFile = "SomeFile.pptx";
    using (PresentationDocument presentationDocument 
        = PresentationDocument.Open(presentationFile, true))
        var presentationPart = presentationDocument.PresentationPart;
        var templatePart = presentationPart.GetSlidePartsInOrder().Last();
        var newSlidePart = templatePart.CloneSlide();

    it is just an example so you need to modify it according to your requirement.



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