WinCE 6.0 : starting on SDcard RRS feed

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    I want to automatically start an application just after the loading of WinCE 6.0.

    I have put a shortcut in \Windows\Startup, which is the simpliest way for me.


    This works perfectly when I start WinCE from a NAND Flash.

    But for some reasons, I want to keep the possibility to start WinCE and the application from a SDCard. And the same procedure doesn't work, my application is not launched.

    I have made plenty of tests, and found no solution.

    I have also remarked that when i put a shortcut on the desktop, it has not the correct icon. But I can use it to launch the application.

    The application executable is not on the WinCE image, but in a directory on the SDcard, seen as \Mounted Volume\Application\Appli.exe, which is what my shortcut contains.


    All happens like if the SDCard file system is not mounted at the moment of the scan of the \Windows\Startup directory.

    I have kept the default graphic explorer

    Is there a solution ?


    Note : I have tried to use the HKLM\init registry keys, but it doesn't work, certainly I don't do what is needed, but it is another question.


    Thanks for your answers


    Thursday, August 12, 2010 3:06 PM