Report Viewer Clicking PrintLayout puts report into infinite loop RRS feed

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  • within my c# application i had the following code within the RenderingComplete function.


    private void reportViewer_RenderingComplete(object sender, RenderingCompleteEventArgs e)

    if (this.reportViewer.ZoomMode != ZoomMode.Percent)

                this.reportViewer.ZoomMode = ZoomMode.Percent;
                this.reportViewer.ZoomPercent = 100;




    On my first site installation everything ran fine. However on the my second site all my reports were getting "Report is being generated" and the report viewer would sit there and not come back.


    After much searching i commented out the lines in the above function and all the reports now appear. Now for the stange part. Once a report has appear in Report Viewer, if i click the Prinlayout button the report shown "Report is being generated" and never comes back.


    Any ides on what could be causing this problem???

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007 6:25 PM