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    I need to solve a problem of preventing access to a expensive resource from the application. This application is hosted on Azure on two instance (and can be more based upon the load), there are finite number of calls that i can make to this expensive resource [which is a web service]

    I have to maintain a counter which can tell me how many calls are in progress and if threshold [number of allowed service calls are reached] i have to prevent further access to the web service until the counter comes down from the threshold value.

    Currently i am doing this with the help of In Role Azure cache where I maintain the threshold values and the concurrency counter [which represents the current counter of the number of service calls]. Incrementing/decrementing logic for the councurrency counter is thread safe, but the logic which checks if the concurrency counter is less than threshold value is not thread safe [as multiple threads can read the same value and if is found that the counter is less then threshold service call is allowed] and this is giving me a hard time in managing the counter accurately.

    I want to redesign this from start and want to use something like object pool, if the connection object is available in pool, allow the service call else wait for a retry after 2 seconds. Once the service call is complete return the object to the pool. Now the challenge I am facing is how I can achieve this as the two instances of the application is running in load balanced way and i need to make sure the object pool is shared between these two instances.

    Any pointers helping in designing this for a load balance application would be really appreciated.

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    The Service Application Framework provides a platform that enables developers to build scalable middle-tier applications hosted in SharePoint 2010, that provide data or processing resources to other SharePoint 2010 Web services. The Service Application Framework enables services to be shared between computers on a server farm; it also helps load balance and manage services in SharePoint 2010.

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