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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to develop a com object for windows mobile 2003 se/5.0 using Visual Studio net 2005 native c++.
    Is it possible to make the com object act like any .Net class in the code where i'm using it(managed code c#)?

    Exemple :
    Native com objet called Object 1 that expose this :
    method :
    void method1()
    void method2()
    event :

    And in c# i would like be able to instanciate object like and register his event and method.
    Object1 temp = new Object1();

    I made some experiment and i got some problem, in VS Net 2005, designing the com object, i can't add method like in evc++, i can't get nothing to show in the class designer, it seem to be disabled, even if i added my atl object.

    If i design the com object in evc++4 sp4, in Visual Studio .Net 2005 i add the reference to the dll compile by evc++, but i just cant get the dll to register while deploying i get two error : sometime its invalid win32, and some other times its CoInitiate was not called.

    Could anybody help me please or direct me to good reference about com object for windows mobile? I did not found any good ressource about it...

    Thanks a lot
    Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:17 PM