Unable to Bind the ComboBox wix installer to Features selection RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Currently I am facing issue with Wix Toolset Installer while creating the custom dialog and adding some more controls into it. 


    When user changs the Combobox selection then it should enable/disable the features from the Feature Tree section. Please see attachment for more details. It shows two things:

    1. When user selects "COMPLETE" then it should show 5 feature (Enables 5 Features)

    2. When user selects "Custom" then it should show 4 feature (1 feature should disable)

    Find my code below:

    Component Dialog code:

    <Control Id="CBTypeofInstall" Type="ComboBox" X="130" Y="85" Width="120" Height="120" Property="TYPEOFINSTALL" ComboList="yes">
              <ComboBox Property="TYPEOFINSTALL" >
                <ListItem Text="Transfer" Value="Transfer"/>
                <ListItem Text="Rescan" Value="Rescan"/>
                <ListItem Text="Complete" Value="Complete"/>
                <ListItem Text="Custom" Value="Custom"/>            


    <Feature Id="ABC" Title="ABC" Level="1" Description="ABC">
          <ComponentRef Id="ABC" />      

        <Feature Id="XYZ" Title="XYZ" Level="1" Description="XYZ">
          <Feature Id="Test1" Title ="Test1" Level="1" Description="Test1">
            <ComponentRef Id="Test1" />      
          <Feature Id="Test2" Title ="Test2" Level="1" Description="Test2">
            <ComponentRef Id="Test2" />

    Please help us to find the solution of this problem.

    Thank you in Advance.

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017 12:10 PM

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