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  • Here is what im trying to do, I am creating a WinForms application and basically,
    (1) i want to join two tables and query based on a field value and return a field
    (2) i want to check if a column exists in a table, if it doesnt, add the column

    I havent used Linq-to-sql before, so im not even sure if thats the way to go. But im trying to stay abreast of new technology so im trying to understand what needs to happen. If I should not use Linq-To-Sql please let me know as well.

    First off, I get the users database connection information via a dialog box on the WinForm app. So can/how do I create the datacontext/entity classes dynamically for the tables that I require? In everything I have learnt, Ive been creating the data context/entity classes via the ORM and now in a real world application I dont see how thats possible because everything should be generated dynamically.

    Again, this maybe solved by a simple t-sql query, but like i said, im trying to give linq-to-sql a shot. Im just looking for some direction and to see if its even worth the trouble.

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