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  • Hello all-

    I have a web app running on a local-ish (our Data Center) server which runs ColdFusion and SQL Server on the same physical hardware.  The load for the app is not too great, so running both services on the same box is not problem.

    I need to upgrade SQL Server, and I would prefer not to put more resources onto our local servers if possible.  Essentially, I would like to move to the cloud.  BUT at this point I don't want to move my code to the cloud due to file storage and a few other issues.

    Is it feasible to use SQL Azure as my datasource for my local web app?  I am at a top-tier University on the west coast, and our connection speeds are about as good as you can possibly get.

    I don't mind a minor slowdown.  For instance, if the round-trip takes 30 milliseconds, I won't be sweating that.  But I'd rather not have a relatively snappy app turn into something agonizing for users.

    Also, we have a perimeter firewall on campus which normally blocks all SQL Server traffic.  Is it possible to change the port that SQL Azure uses?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.



    Tuesday, September 2, 2014 7:51 PM