new Document/risk/issue icon indicator RRS feed

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  • In the project center there is a column that named indicator. When a document/risk/issue/ has been added to a project, one of the following icons has been appeared on the indicator column.

    One of these icons has been appeared when the first document/risk/issue added to the project and never disappeared from the indicator column in project center, while I need

    1. disappearane of them in project center when the associated document/risk/issue has been visited by project manager/owner or closed by risk/issue owner
    2. reappearnce of them in project center when a new document/issue/risk added to the project

    In fact, I need its functionality as an indicator of new unread/unclosed doc/issue/risk associated to the project and not only as an indicator of existance of doc/issue/risk associated to the project.


    Sunday, November 6, 2011 2:11 PM