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  • User121216299 posted

    Hi gregpakes,

    The link you had posted of the forum shows the list of threads.

    So we are not sure, Which thread you are talking about in that.

    If we talk about KB 4284835 then we had seen some issues with that but no one complains about slow ASP performance.

    On 26-june-2018, Microsoft launched KB 4284848 which solves many issues caused by KB 4284835.

    So I suggest you to install the KB 4284848 and check whether it solves your issue or not.

    June 26, 2018—KB4284848 (OS Build 17134.137)

    Let us know about your testing result, We will try to provide further suggestions. If needed.



    Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:57 AM
  • User627697822 posted

    Thanks for your mail.

    The link I posted loads the correct thread for me.  I have tried it in multiple browsers, I am not sure why you are seeing a list of threads.

    Either way, the thread title is: "IIS is very slow running ASP on Windows 10"

    I will try 4284848 and let you know.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2018 2:53 AM
  • User627697822 posted

    I can confirm that 4284848 does not fix the issue.  When I try to install it, it says that the updates do not apply to my computer.  I am assuming it is already installed then.  The issue persists.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2018 9:59 PM
  • User121216299 posted

    Hi gregpakes,

    I can see that installing the KB 4284848 does not fix the issue.

    So I suggest you to remove the KB 4284835 and check whether again your application works normally or not.

    It can help us to decide whether update cause this issue or issue caused by any other reason.

    Let us know about your testing result.

    We will try to provide further suggestions, If needed.



    Wednesday, August 22, 2018 7:39 AM
  • User627697822 posted


    I can already confirm that overwriting vbscript.dll with the older version fixes the issue, so I am confident that uninstalling KB 4284835 will fix the issue.

    I will do it and confirm.



    Wednesday, August 22, 2018 7:59 AM
  • User121216299 posted

    Hi gregpakes,

    Did you check by uninstalling the KB 4284835?

    If you had checked then inform us about your testing results.

    If you did not check then try to check it when ever you some time to test.

    We will try to provide further suggestions, Based on your testing.



    Monday, August 27, 2018 5:44 AM