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    Is there a definition for how Windows determines the 'appropriate display settings' from the EDID read from the monitor? 


    The reason I ask is that when a KVM switch is between a [Windows] server and my monitor.  The KVM switch reports a different EDID than the monitor does, and allows a higher resolution than my monitor can support. 


    This becomes a problem when installing a new OS on a PC for testing.  The OS installation apparently selects the 'appropriate display setting' for the 'monitor' that is directly attached (i.e. the KVM switch), but that resolution is actually greater than what the monitor can support.


    Having some insight into how Windows determines what the 'appropriate display setting' should be, I may be able to reprogram the EDID that the KVM switch reports to be more tolerant.

    Friday, April 11, 2008 12:31 AM