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  • First, I was able to learn Arduino coding and everything pretty quick and watched some good Microsoft videos (quick start with others). However, I can't seem to find a good resource to learn Kinect v2 from the ground up and there are many things the videos fail to cover or include in set for those new to Kinect. 

    1) I ignored the fact that I have USB 3.0 and image errors on the startup with the Kinect SDK because it seems to be working fast enough for me with the image at 28-30 fps (not sure how this will affect me in more complex coding but for now.. at least I am able to at least start coding after). I think there is a bug for the tester because the Microsoft Store Surface Pro 3's failed in the same respect as well. 

    2) I think a quick checklist of all the needed robotics programs with how they work together.. would be great. Example: I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio but have no idea how this works with Kinect v2, SDK and other recommended programs.

    3) Microsoft has a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3drtre2tlcU) follow robot with Kinect v2 as a good demo of what capabilities the Kinect has but it would be helpful, if Microsoft included how to build this video from the ground up as a complete beginner. This would help someone like myself to better understand how the programs work together and use multiple functions. The Beginner SDK codes do not show multiple elements linked up and in action. 

    Any advice or answers to the above would be greatly appreciated! 

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    Monday, November 2, 2015 4:37 PM

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  • I did not expect to quickly learn Arduino and some basic/moderate code but hit a crashing stop on the Kinect part of robotics. 

    It took me about a week of reading online and pulling my hair out (buying adapters, hrs on calls to xbox with failed support, microsoft, more reading with multiple pcs) before I just went ahead to try coding anyways with the orange ! and the test video going out now and then. Although, when I try the SDK test code for the basic functions.. everything seems to be working fine and the only the test video feed just appears to jump on and off. 

    My frustration also comes from attempting to download "the latest and greatest" Arduino, Microsoft Visual Studio and other programs to find out later that I need to figure out vers. are compatible with other software. This is why keeping a good up to date list of products needed with how they work together would help to promote Microsoft products. 

    I think Microsoft has outstanding training videos and format but would like to see something tailored more to beginners as well. Robotics has many hardware and software elements that are complex but a basic understanding of these and to put a robot together is not complex at all. The only problem is finding a good explanation of how the "LEGO's" fit together and why. It is crazy to not be able to find one good robotics book about the Kinect v2 with sample projects.

    Monday, November 2, 2015 5:16 PM