BluetoothLEDevice::FromBluetoothAddressAsync() is not initiating a connection RRS feed

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    the documentation to BluetoothLEDevice::FromBluetoothAddressAsync() states: "Returns a BluetoothLEDevice object for the given BluetoothAddress and initiates a connection.". I would interpret the second half of the sentence as: is sending a connection request to the peripheral. And I think this makes sense, because the function is asynchronous. In addition, here is a blog article, where the author states in one of the comments: "Yes connecting should occur when you create a BluetoothLEDevice object.".

    But: when I create a BluetoothLEDevice, using BluetoothLEDevice::FromBluetoothAddressAsynch(), I get a valid object, but when I query the connection state, the result is Disconnected. In addition, I use a sniffer to look at the protocol and I can not see any connection attempts (waiting for serval seconds).

    Is this a known bug or am I'm misreading the documentation here? If so, why is the function asynchronous? Is there anything, I have to do prior to constructing the BluetoothLEDevice, to make the API to initiate the connection?

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    Thursday, October 5, 2017 9:50 AM