Field validation guidelines


  • Hi,

    which are the guidelines for field validation in Xaml Metro Style Apps?
    Where do we have to show validation errors?

    1) Like in Silverlight with highlighted border and validation message in a tooltip
    2) With an inline error under the filed or near the field
    3) Other solution

    With Silverlight like solution, the layout doesn't change since the validation message is in the tooltip.
    With an inline error under the field or near the filed we could have layout problems if the validation message is long.

    For Metro Style Apps in Html I found a guildeline that says to use html 5 validation that is very similiar to Silverlight validation.

    What about Metro Style Apps in Xaml?
    Do we have api for validation in Release Preview?

    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:39 AM


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