Infopath switch view based on user (3-level approval)


  • We are developing a site where project members can submit project report and the report will need to go through a three-step approval process. I have created 4 Infopath views and Infopath should switch the view based on user signed in.

    Views: 1. Edit(new report to be submitted) > 2. ProjectLeaderApproval > 3. ManagerApproval > 4. HeadApproval

    So here is my question:-

    1. When project members have submitted their report, they cannot make changes until it has been approved by all three levels. All fields must be read-only. So should I create a new ReadOnlyView?

    2.  I have created sharepoint groups for each project leader, manager and head. So how do I get Infopath to check current user signed in belongs to which group and switch view based on the their sharepoint group?

    Monday, December 5, 2016 12:52 AM

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