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    I would like to certify the Radio Manager library for my Radio Device. 

    My Radio Manager library communicates with my COM based service which internally communicates with drivers for the HW.

    I have some queries related with it as below

    1. I had ran the WHCK for drivers in a Windows 8 environment(WHCK client). Do I need to use the same environment(means same WHCK Client & WHCK Server which was used for performing WHCK for my drivers) for verification of Radio Manager ? OR Will it be ok if I use different environment for Radio Manager & Drivers, finally merge the package & submit for certification?

    2.  Is Radio Manager library certification mandatory for Windows 8? If the drivers are NOT certified, then Windows 8 doesn't allow to load the drivers(unless it has a test signature). But in case of Radio Manager library, no certification is verified any where. So if certification is NOT mandatory for Radio Manager, then can we release the Radio Manager without certification(not via Windows  store)?

    3.  Does Radio Manager should be released via Windows store? Since Radio Manager library is not Metro App based, can we release it via separate installer?

    Friday, October 26, 2012 5:47 AM