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  • Hi There,


    I have a question regarding the certification test TC2.8.2


    It states that all DLL's in a deliverable application must have the same version number.


    Our company delivers a product 'X' that contains correctly versioned DLL's (for example 7.2.30) however there is a common set of of functionality 'Y' that is used across many products - this functionality contains 2 DLL's that we currently version as 7.2.6000 - keeping the major and minor values but changing the revision - this is so we can differentiate between this functionality and the main product and potentially allows us to ship these DLL's at different versions for different products - it makes debugging and tracking problems easier to.


    Can somebody please confirm if this breaks this certification test please? If it does is there an acceptable work around that allows us to maintain this common functionality separately from the main product deliverables.







    Thursday, January 17, 2008 3:57 PM


  • Hello Simon,


    TC 2.8.2 expects that each binary installed by your application does have valid file information. So, the binaries should have proper Publisher (Copyright through signing), Product Name and Version.


    So, I don't see much of an issue in different version numbers. Can you please let me know where you've seen the requirement as "all DLL's in a deliverable application must have the same version number"


    You can just go through the steps and check the verification to see if your application fails the requirement.


    Hope this helps.



    Thursday, January 17, 2008 5:49 PM