Using Device Data Mapped Directly to HV Type (non WPD type) RRS feed

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  • This is follow up to an earlier question that Shyam answered (Question titled Need Help with DDK).  Part of Shyam's response read,

    "The second option is have your device driver data directly map the device data to the HV type.  This might be the ideal choice for your case.  Using this path, connection center really do not validate the data rather just pushes to HV." 

    I would like to understand exactly how this can be done.  Can you provide more details on how a device driver would do this?  Code examples would be greatly appreciated, as well.
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 1:06 PM


  • Hi RobWesley
    It would helpful for me if you can provide me more details of your device and the data you're interested to store in HealthVault.  To give you some background on the second option, yes, your device data can directly be uploaded using connection center only if the connection center have the authorization rules exist for it.  When I say your device driver can directly upload, it means that the WPD driver can read the data from the device and preformat it into HealthVault type (which is a binary resource that is an XML data) and upload.  When connection center discovers the preformatted content, it will directly uploads to users HealthVault account.  The WPD driver would still need to indicate the supported content types in the device capabilities query.  This way connection center will know what authorization rules apply to your device.  I hope this is helpful.  I'm more interested to learn more about your devices and can help you on this.  send me an email at v(dash)shyamk(at)microsoft(dot)com. Sorry, I tried earlier and the email is filtered.  so the cryptic one.
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 11:20 PM