Make Edge to originate at specific place in Node RRS feed

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    I want to my Edge (Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Edge) to originate in specific position on Node (Microsoft.Msagl.Drawing.Node) - say upper left corner of node. Is there any way to acomplish this ?

    my layout is:

                Graph.LayoutAlgorithmSettings.EdgeRoutingSettings.UseObstacleRectangles = true;
                Graph.LayoutAlgorithmSettings.EdgeRoutingSettings.EdgeRoutingMode = Microsoft.Msagl.Core.Routing.EdgeRoutingMode.Spline;

    and I'v experimented with setting Edge.SourcePort = new Microsoft.Msagl.Core.Layout.FloatingPort(...) but this leads to AV :/

    probably I'v missed/messed something.

    Tuesday, November 1, 2016 11:24 AM