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  • Hello, we have the following strange behavior.

    First of all, when we send from outlook messages, we see the subject in the following forms:

    1. if the entire mail in 1 foreign language, the subject will be encoded like "=?Windows-1255?[Base64 string]"

    2. if the mail contain 2 foreign languages, it will be encoded as utf-8: "=?UTF-8?B?J9ep15zX..."

    We have a SMTP Sink that adds a header to the message, we do this:

    pMsg.Fields.Item("urn:schemas:mailheader:CustomHeader") = "MyHeader"


    pMsg.DataSource.Save  'here is the problem

    If we don't save it, the subject stays as it is.

    If we do save, the subject becomes question marks "???.." if it was utf-8.

    We were able to solve it for 1 specific language from region and language => administrative => change system locale...

    but we cant do it for multiple languages, so if we use another language at subject - we will get question marks.

    The weird thing is, that if the subject and TO/CC/ headers are encoded also in utf-8, only the subject turns into ??? and not the TO/CC headers.

    I know that CDO doesn't support unicode language, but why did the "Save" operation decoded the subject? i need that the subject will stay encoded...

    Please help me

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