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  • I have installed Win Emb Standard 7 on a desktop to evaluate for an embedded system.  This installation went well.

    I am now trying to decide whether Embedded CE would be a better OS platform.  However, I can not get the downloaded install files for trial VS 2005 an trial CE to install.

    I have a licensed copy of VS 2008 installed on the desktop under Embedded Std 7, but the CE trial doesn't recognize it at all and tells me I need to install VS 2005 first.

    When I try to install VS 2005, I get a flash of the command prompt window and then it quickly disappears.

    I'm trying to install VS 2005/CE over the Embedded Standard 7 OS.

    Any suggestions?  I did first burn the VS 2005 img file to a dvd and tried to use that to install VS 2005.  No luck.

    Will VS 2005 and/or CE install under Embedded Std 7 or must I re-install Win XP or Win Vista first??

    Thanks for the help.  A quick reply would be very much appreciated - I'm in a time crunch here.

    Hal Curling

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011 3:55 PM

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  • Hi Hal,

    This isn't the best forum but I can forward your message.  But to make sure you end up in the best forum, I'd like to understand your problem better.  Are you trying to install Visual Studio on Windows Embedded Standard 7? 

    If so, this probably isn't the best platform as it's probably missing some components required for Visual Studio to run.  Instead, run VS on Windows 7 Pro/Enterprise/Home/etc.  You can still move your binaries to the Embedded platform and use remote debugging tools.

    Also, which version of CE are you interested in (6.5 or under, 7.0)?  Are you interested in doing Managed (C#/VB.NET) or Native (C++)?

    Please let me know as soon you can, we'd be happy to help.


    Wednesday, March 2, 2011 6:28 PM