UWF binding in disagreement with the manual on W10 LTSB? RRS feed

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  • The manual says The manual (Ignore System Configuration Designer, it is unusable garbage)

    If you specify a volume using a drive letter, UWF uses loose binding to recognize the volume. By using loose binding, drive letters can be assigned to different volumes if the hardware or volume configuration changes. If you specify a volume using the volume device identifier, UWF uses tight binding to recognize the volume. By using tight binding, the device identifier is unique to the storage volume and is independent from the drive letter assigned to the volume by the file system.

    So, surely that means that:

    uwfmgr volume protect c:
    uwfmgr overlay set-size 1024
    uwfmgr overlay set-type ram

    That would be a loose binding.

    It does not appear to be the case. QA must have been out drinking.

    Just like "Get-Volume" doesn't work with UWF!

    Am I imagining this or is it really broken because to me it looks like it is doing tight binding.


    Wednesday, January 10, 2018 5:08 AM


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