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    We are company that produces Windows printer drivers for bar code printers. We do not manufacture the printers we only develop the drivers for the companies that produce these bar code printers.

    One of our driver packages for a typical printer manufacturer will contain between 7 and 100 printer models. In most cases these printer models only differ in the print width, print speed, form factor, and available add on options they speak the same printer language. In some cases there are models that speak different languages in the same package.


    Do we need to test and verify every printer model in the driver package, or can we test only one printer of each unique printer language?

    -Max Newman

    Friday, May 29, 2015 1:08 PM

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  • Max,

    No, it’s not required that every printer model be tested. Testing can be in groups of family of devices. There is a policy for testing devices family’s, a snip bit is below. The Policy doc for the compatibility program will be released on MSDN within the week.

    Device family testing

    The WHCP Windows Compatibility Program requires that each family of devices be tested and submitted to Microsoft, even if the driver is identical for each submission. If your INF file contains devices that are considered different device families but you don't intend to test them, remove the extra devices from the INF file.

    Definition of family

    A device product family is a set of devices that expose the same functionality or a subset of functionality and would interoperate with Windows in exactly the same manner. A member of the device family that contains the full set of all the features must be the "tested representative" for the family. All devices that are a subset of the most fully featured products must meet all Compatibility requirements for their functionality.


    Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:31 PM