Cannot connect to External Hyper-v Server RRS feed

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  • Hey guys really need your help! :)

    I have a Hyper-v Server 2008 r2 Server core and im trying to remote control it with Hyper-v manager from my pc at home the server is located ojn a diffent network,

    I used HVRemote to try and configure it but im now stumped..ive done what it says but i still get this error


    async notification query to root\virtualization WMI namespace FAIL - Notification query failed The RPC server is unavailable.

    i did all the fixes it says to do but just dnt work


    The most likely cause of this failure is that you have not restarted the

    server after having added a user account for the first time. Either restart

    the server, or restart the Windows Management Instrumentation service

    and all dependent services on the server before retrying.


    Alternately, there is a DNS issue and the server cannot locate this

    machine. You should check this by performing a ping test from the

    server to this machine verifying that the IP address the server

    is trying to reach matches the IPv4 address shown in the output above.

    Note that it does not matter if the ping succeeds or fails, just that

    the IP address is correct.


      Run on ping -4 MAIN-PC


    Note that if you do not have DNS in your infrastructure, you can edit

    the \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file on the server to add an

    entry for MAIN-PC


    If you do have DNS in your infrastructure, you may want to try flushing

    the DNS cache on the server, and re-registering against DNS on the client


     Run on ipconfig /flushdns

     Run on MAIN-PC: ipconfig /registerdns


    If you are connected over a VPN, see for

    information about another likely cause.


    If the server is in an untrusted domain to this client, you need to

    enable anonymous logon access to DCOM on this machine:


      Run 'hvremote.wsf /mode:client /anondcom:grant' and retry.


    If this machine has IPSec policy enforced on it, and the server is

    in a workgroup, inbound connections to the client may be blocked

    by your administrator. You may be able to temporarily work around

    this by running net stop bfe on this machine, but you may lose access

    to some network services while that service is stopped.



    I so hope someone can help! :(











    Sunday, September 25, 2011 12:11 AM