Connecting Mac OS to Azure Active Directory Domain Controller?


  • Hi, 

    I try to connect a few Mac clients with the LDAP service in the Azure Cloud.

    I followed the official tutorial to setup LDAPS with the Azure Active Directory Domain Controller. Also a ping from the command line worked.

    I also followed another entry in this forum (How to Configure LDAP Authentication for Mac OS and Azure AD) to connect the Mac clients with the right Mappings inside the Active Directory to ensure that the Users get authenticated against the Active Directory. 

    My problem is that everytime I setup up everything I get the error message "Connection failed to node '/LDAPv3/ (2100)" 

    The weird thing is that with the Apache Directory Studio I use the same Values as in the second Link suggested and the connection works and I can look at all entries in the Active Directory.

    The connection with the Apache works confirms me in the guess that a connection from outside of Azure is possible.

    But why doesn't work the connection with the Mac built in directory validation service?

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